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Success is a journey, not a destination,' so goes the saying which is true for our profession too. We should not rest with success but instead should sustain it as a continuous journey to ultimate excellence.

Engineers have always performed the role of backbone of a Nation and contributed a lion's share in Development of our country. Success stories like the Bhakra Nangal Dam to the launching of Chandrayan mission to moon, bear testimony to the important role played by engineers in development of the Nation. The role of engineers in nation building has been acknowledged over the years, however, with changing world and changing societal norms, the responsibility of engineers has undergone a paradigm shift. With the advent of new world order we have seen the coinage of some new words, such as, energy security, food security, sustainable growth and green technology. It is now realised that, development and economic progress cannot be the sole objective of engineers. They have to now perform additional role of securing the future of the world at large. It is acknowledged that in today's scenario of global economy, we cannot remain isolated. Therefore, progress, security, sustainability and ecological balance need to be addressed holistically. Hence, The Bandel Educational Foundation will provide an opportunity to engineers, technologists and other stake-holders to deliberate on the important issue of National Growth, Security and Challenges for Engineers.

Technique Polytechnic Institute under the Registered society of Bandel Educational Foundation is intending to promote and expand the technical & Professional education among the communities. The Institute is located in the close proximity to the centre point of the District. Hooghly and it is in the close proximity and near vicinity to the industrial belt of the developed district of the state.The industries like Bandel Thermal Power Station,ITC,Dunlop India Ltd., Ichapur Rifles Factory, Pepsi Industries Ltd., Amar PC , Xenities , Tata Automobiles & many others large and medium scale industries are within the reach of 05 to 20 kms. distance from the institute. The technical personnel in the field of Civil & infrastructure engineering and Computer & other Professional Personnel in the field of Administration has a greater need to fulfill the demand of the local industries and as well as industries of the state and nationwide. Technique Polytechnic Institute will on a continuous basis evaluate and monitor the quality of education and training imparted at the Institute, improve the teaching-learning process and ultimately, develop the institute as a Centre of Excellence.

We hope that students along with their parents and teachers will materialize our vision and mission.

With best wishes, S. K. Neogi


Welcome to Technique Polytechnic Institute, a state of the art center for excellence in technical education. It is the leading technological institute of West Bengal and is the home to a wide range of academic departments and services in technical education. It really gives me immense pleasure to welcome all future technicians and engineers to the family of - "Technique Polytechnic Institute"(TPI) with its varied activities. If you are looking for an education which will actively engage you and provide you the foundation for a fulfilling career, then I invite you to select TPI to be your career path. We provide best education in the major areas of the technology. What distinctly and proudly lead us to the top of the league is that the institute is truly global in outlook, cosmopolitan in character and deeply rooted to the traditional values of Indian culture and heritage. You would enjoy the challenges and opportunity that we offer and we look forward to welcoming you to a place of genuine intellectual excitement for an unforgettable simulating experience in the world of existing and emerging technology.

We provide an academic centre of excellence within the beautiful surrounds of TPI.

The core concepts of Technical Education are anchored to the ability to impart subjects of different disciplines to the learners in the most lucid way and to develop the skills that would match with the requirements of industries. Our main objectives are geared towards expanding abilities to respond to rapid technological changes.

Our Institute feels proud of the team comprising qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty to train up the students to fit in the ever changing scenario of the industrial environment. Modern, sophisticated 'Teaching Aids' (both audio and video) have been put in place to ensure the creation of a highly effective teaching-learning environment. The Institute claims to have an infrastructure which is definitely unique - the resourceful library, the laboratories and the workshops with ultra-modern gadgets that would give them the necessary exposure to machines or equipment - they would have to handle in their professional field.

Student-Teacher relationship here would make the learners feel - 'home away from home '. Attention to develop 'soft skills' of students, from the very first day of the session, is one of the prime concerns of the Institute. This would increase their proficiency in communication, the essential prerequisite of global economy. The student are expected to avail themselves of the opportunities for their development so that they are acceptable in the professional world.

I strongly, believe that our collective effort will definitely build up professional career of our student.

I request all our students to take opportunity by utilizing the facilities of our Institute.

I welcome constructive suggestion from all corners for up gradation of academic environment of this Institute. Welcome back to future.

Executive Director


It is an honor and privilege to be the Principal of Technique Polytechnic Institute, a centre of Technical Education with an endeavor of achieving excellence. From the beginning of its journey, the Bandel Education Foundation, the mentors of this Institute, have focused on providing quality education by developing an optimized environment of technical edification. In this pursuit, the Institute has been continuously renovating its infrastructure, laboratory facilities and overall teaching learning atmosphere to provide the future engineers such a technical knowledge and skill which will make them achieve distinction in their fields of engineering. In one side, the administration of this Institute is imparting discipline and sense of responsibility, on the other side, the esteemed faculty members with tireless effort, are instigating passion and creativity for learning in the student bodies. In this Institute, additional emphasis is given to create the ability to apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science & engineering in the 1st year of the Diploma Programme. In the 2nd year, our course coordinators focus on imparting the ability of analyzing, designing, conducting experiments, identifying, formulating and solving engineering problems to students. In this year the students also get acquainted with the global and social context of their engineering disciplines. In the 3rd year of their engineering study, our experienced and well trained faculty members make the students accustomed with their professional and ethical responsibility. Knowledge of contemporary issues related to their Diploma Programme is also taught in the final year to make them feel that they are up to date in their own discipline of Engineering & Technology.

Other then academics, the Institute possess a wide range of sporting and cultural amenities. The Institute itself is located in a place of scenic beauty which adds on to its educational ambience.

To improve the communication skill, the Institute has a well equipped communication laboratory. Apart from that, a Job Oriented Training Programme is continuously executed by the Training & Placement Cell to built the confidence of living up to the expectations of the present industrial requirements. For this purpose also, the Institute arrange different training programmes to different industries of the present day.

Though we believe in imparting the confidence of applying technical skill, knowledge and innovations in students more than creating job opportunities, but placement records have not been poor for our institute. It certainly depends upon the market conditions, but our placement cell is relentlessly trying to place our students according to their performance in different sectors of the industry. The students who are interested in lateral entry for B.Tech programme (JELET) are also assisted by special coaching classes.

We maintain such an educational environment where we teach students not only to get a job opportunity but also how to survive and excel in their careers in the present industrial environment. We know importance of compassion in teaching. Our teachers, the mentors of the students, maintain a healthy relationship with the guardian of the students so that their future can be guided towards professional success and community service.

Swami Vivekananda once said, “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in a man”.

Come join TPI, your perfections will be manifested here.

Prof. S.Chanda
Principal, TPI

Welcome to TPI

(A 3 Years Diploma Engineering Institute)
Affiliated to: West Bengal State Council of Technical Education
Approved by: All India Council for Technical Education

Our aim is to become a center of excellence in technical education and to occupy place among the premiere technical institution of our country.

About the Society
Inspired by the noble cause of Education and with philanthropic zeal Bandel Educational Foundation (BEF) registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act,1961 (West Bengal Act xxvi of 1961 )has been formed by persons from different walks of life such as reputed technologist, administration and managers of educational and industrial and sectors and social workers. A heterogeneous group of technologists and social workers with a belief in Human Resource Technical Professionals has formed the society.The Society is committed to nourish and nature the basic human resource by expanding the opportunity of Education in general and technological and management education in particular through establishment of such educational institutions for the benefit of the common people. With the dawn of Globalization and cultural differences of various nation states needs to be canalized for generating creative solutions to human problems. Our Motherland is struggling to position herself in the changed economic scenario for which on one hand the multidimensional problems of population growth, poverty and inequity are to be overcome but on the others hand fast pace of growth of industrialization is to be maintained. We would like to be part of an Educational conglomerates under of a group of Engineers. Technologist and Professional.

The society is committed to establish an institute of pride and prestige in academic excellence which would be unique in the nature, not a mere addition to the growing list of private Technical Institutions in the state.The society would strive to reality by creating an ideal learner-centric environment to the budding scholars tailored to the requirement of industry with knowledge, course, determination, dedication and devotion. The society would provide an eco-friendly campus, excellent infrastructure and dynamic environment where young impressionable mind would be cultivated through immense knowledge based technical and management education.

The Society is committed to promote and encourage the cultural heritage of our country i.e. Unity in diversity and also the scientific temperament in the minds of common people. The Society endeavors to alleviate various kinds of social evils and superstitions by organization seminars and science exhibitions. The society is looking forward to meet up the challenge to cope up the poor share of 0.05% of Indian Technological pool to the highest side. The primary objective of the society is to prepare dynamic and caring citizens to meet the challenges of a global society.The vision development of the Body, Mind and Soul while maintaining the traditional Indian values. The Society is confident enough to fulfill its objectives and feels proud of being guided by several reputed personalities having long experience in teaching, research and administration in the fields of Computer and Information Technology & Administration
Member Of Bandel Educational Foundation (BEF)
1.  Mr.Samir Kumar Neogi   —   President
2.  Mr. Krishna Gopal Banerjee   —   Vice President
3.  Mr. Tapas Kumar Saha
  —   Secretary
4.  Mr. Manas Chandra Majumder   —   Treasurer
5.  Mrs. Piyali Pal   —   Executive Member
6.  Mrs. Rupali Majumder   —   Executive Member
7.  Mrs. Anita Neogi   —   Executive Member
8.  Mrs. Bulbul Banerjee   —   Executive Member
9.  Mrs. Swapna Saha   —   Executive Member

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