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Faculty and Staff Development

Center for Staff Development Programme has been established with a view to develop the academic and related fields.

Overall In-Charge of the Programme:     Principal (Ex-officio)

Chief Programme Co-ordinator:                 Sri Abhijit Karmakar,Lecturer

Joint Programme Co-ordinator:                 Sri Subhajit Mukherjee, Lecturer

Objective of Staff Development Programme:

i) To coordinate and organize various orientation/faculty development programmes.

ii) To arrange workshops, seminars and conferences by identifying the recent emerging trends in Academics and related fields.

iii) To expose the faculty members to the recent novel teaching methodologies and approaches.

iv) To arrange computer training programmes for the staff members

v) To promote the teaching and research skills of the staff members

vi) To keep a regular check on the progress of staff and to monitor the appraisal system.