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Important Rules & Regulation

A. Attendance:


1. Normally 100% attendance is expected. But as per West Bengal State Council of Technical Education, minimum 60% attendance is required in theoretical as well as in sessional subjects ( e.g. Laboratory,Workshope, Drawing etc.) If a students fails to achieve this minimum percentage of attendance, he/ she will not be allowed to sit for the internal / final examination. Sick leave is not exempted from attendance.

2. Students who are absent on medical grounds should produce a valid Medical Certificate along with an endorsement letter from the parent / Guardian while reporting to the institute after recovery.

3. A Student who is continuously absent on 30 days without a valid reason will be removed from roll automatically.

Note: Parents / Gurdians are advise not to encourage their wards to remain absent without sufficient reason during the academic session.

B. Fees:


(i) Tution fees and other fees should be paid on or before the stipulated date failing which a fine will be imposed / or will have to take Re-admission on payment of Re-Admission fees.

(ii) Semester fees again to be deposited alongwith Re-admission fees by the students as per the rate of current session in which he/she is going to be Re-admitted.

C. General Rules & Regulations :


The Institute expects the students to do serious and sustained work and to make use of the facilities offered for their all round development. The Institute expects parents or guardians to co-oprate with the Institute authorities in the education of their ward. They should follow the students' progress in studies and his / her general conduct. The parents should meet the Principal, Departmental In-Charges and concerned teachers  periodically or whenever called for.

i) The Institute reserves the right of admission. In matters of admission, academic programmes, extra curricular and co-curricular activities and students discipline, the decisions of the management shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.

ii) Admission is subject to verification of mark sheets, certificate and other documents by the WBSCTE. If the documents are found to be bogus or if any discrepancy is found in any of the record submitted, admission will be cancelled and criminal action will also be taken.

iii) At the discretion of the Management, admission may be declined or cancelled at anytime during the course if warranted by non-performance or on grounds or serious disciplinary matters.

iv) All admissions are made provisionally and are subjects to the approval of WBSCTE.


v) Indulgence in activities of  Associations based on Caste, Colour, Creed, Language, Nationality or Political ideology will not be permitted within the Institution premises or in the hostels.

vi) The Management reserves the right to expel any student on grounds of serious irregularity of attendance, insubordianation, malpractice in examinations or any other act of indiscipline or misconduct. The decision of the college authorities in this regard shall be final.

vii) The Management reserves the right to increase the fees towards any course of study at the beginning of the subsequent academic years of a course, if necessary.

viii) The students shall not loiter about in the institute premises when the classes are in prograess.


ix) Ragging in any form is a serious offense as provided in the West Bengal Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institutions Act.2000 (W.B. Act. XIII of 2000) which inter alia, contained the following provisions (for detail, ' The Calcutta Gazette', Extraordinary published by Authority on Monday, May 29, 2000 may be seen) and those involving in it will be summarily dismissed as per the Acts and laws of the land . The cause of expulsion will be entered in their Transfer Certificate).

x) Strict Discipline will be maintained in the institute campus. Noncompliance with the rules & regulations of the institute will be severely dealt with by appropriate disciplinary action.

xi) Students must take part in inter-collegiate competitions, TV / Radio programmes, only after getting the prior permission from the Principal.

xii) Dress code is strictly maintained during institute hours. Students should not wear T-shirts, and jeans, dress with photo prints and unwanted slogans.

xiii) The use of any audio video gadgets in the institute and hostel campus by students is strictly banned and if such items are found possession of students, they will be confiscated.

xiv) All students must possess and expose their Identity Cards in the college campus. In case loss of I-Card student can take special permission for 3 days from principal for entering Institution premisses. Thereafter duplicate I-Card must be obtained on payment of Rs. 100.00.

xv) During their class hours students are not permitted to visit Office, Library, Principal & Deptt In-charges.

xvi) Perfect silence must be maintained during class hours and functions.

xvii) No meetting shall be held in the institution permises without the permission of the Principal.

xviii) Writing on walls, furniture, drawing tables and toilets is strictly prohibited. Students must handle institute property with care.

xix) Representation from the students to the principal should be done through respective Departmental In-Charge.

xx) Students should use dustbins for throwing any unwanted materials. Students should enter class rooms at least 5 mins. before the commencemend of their classes.

xxi) All sessional works must be completed within the class. After completion of each experiment / job / assignment, students must submit fair note book / drawing sheets in the very next class.

xxii) Any change of Telephone Numbers / Contact Numbers and Address must be informed immediataly to the Administrative Office of the Institute.

xxiii) Students are advised to follow the Institute Notice Board regularly.

xxiv) Entertaining outsiders by the students in the Institution permises during Institution hours is not permitted

xxv) Students will not be permitted to loiter in the Institution on Holidays, unless they have been specially called.


xxvi) Violation of any of the above rules will attract disciplinary action.


Student Code of Conduct

 All students studying at TPI must abide by the Student “Code of Conduct” at all times.

Conduct Prescribed by the TPI Management

The following constitutes conduct as prescribed by the TPI Management. Violation of any by a student will call for disciplinary action (the decision of the disciplinary committee shall be final):


(1) Obstruction or disrupting of teaching, administration, disciplinary procedures or other Institution activities.

(2) Possession or use of explosives, dangerous chemicals or others dangerous weapons.

(3) Detention or physical abuse of any person or conduct which is intended to threaten imminent physical harm or endanger the health of any person.

(4) Malicious damage, misuse or theft of Institute Property.

(5) Illegal use, possession or distribution of drugs.

(6) Academic Misconduct.

(7) Furnishing false or misleading information to the Institute.

(8) Forgery, alteration or unauthorized use of Institute documents, records, identification or resources.

(9) Behavior that constitutes a possible threat to the health or safety of others.

(10) Sexual Harassment.

(11) Smoking in unauthorized areas.

(12) Failure to comply with Institute Official’s requests on academic matters.

(13) Violation of the Rules & Regulations of the Institute & Hostels.

  • Show respect for others
  • Develop your professional knowledge and competence
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Take responsibility

Violation of above points as stated may result any necessary action/steps/punishment by the College Authority or Council

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